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Looking for landscaping Harrisburg PA hires most? Choose JCM & Sons Excavation and Landscaping for flowers, grasses, hardscaping and more.

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Everyone would love to have a lusher lawn, but not everyone can achieve one. Most often, it takes hiring someone for landscaping Harrisburg, PA, homeowners can trust.

However, it takes more than just cutting the grass to leave a yard looking its best. Unless you have professional-grade tools and service experience, you won’t notice too many changes.

JCM & Sons Excavation and Landscaping keeps your yards free from maintenance concerns. Whether you find tons of weeds, leaves, or overgrowth, we’re here for you.

Even though no two yards ever feel the same, they can all benefit from us. Keep your lawn greener and free from debris with our affordable landscaping experts.


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Most people keep a gas-powered grass mower somewhere on their property. However, many homeowners rarely have it serviced as much as it needs to operate like new. Cutting your grass becomes a chore with slow, heavy mowers. Once you finish, you’re out of energy to tackle your other lawn care items. Instead, our team keeps your yard at its best with a wide range of affordable solutions. Keep your curb appeal higher at low costs with professional landscaping services, such as:

Why Hire Our Contractors for Landscaping in Harrisburg, PA?

Taking care of your outdoor areas is more challenging than most people realize. Plus, it feels as if you can’t get a straight answer on which products to use when there are so many to choose from.

Unfortunately, many bottled and bagged gardening products don’t offer enough support. Even weed control formulas may cause more harm than good, and potentially destroying your favorite plants.

We offer experienced service contractors who know how to keep your lawn lovelier. Whether you have fast-growing grass, weeds, or dry patches, hire our team.

We guarantee the best results week after week, as well as affordable pricing. Keep your lawn looking better by choosing our local contractors today.

Who Needs Landscaping Harrisburg, PA, Contractors?

Every week you say this is when your yard gets sprucing and cleaning. Then, before you know it, you’re back at work on Monday.

How can you possibly keep your plants in better condition if you can’t see them? When life gets in the way of maintenance, you need a helping hand.

Whenever you struggle to keep up with your shrubs, flowers, and grass, contact us. We’ll send our experienced local landscapers to tackle even the worst yard.

Even vacant lots are no match for our team and our lawn care equipment. Keep your plants in better condition now, and choose our expert landscapers.

Why is My Yard Withered and Ugly?

You followed their directions, but your yard doesn’t look that great. Some parts are overgrown and bushy, while others are brown, yellow, and dead.

When you don’t have your irrigation system set up correctly, your plants don’t get enough water. Plus, allowing them to grow wildly will often cause problems for your landscaping.

Instead, maintaining it every week helps to keep concerns from forming. Pests, diseases, and fungal growths find it harder to live in manicured lawns.

Even weeds are no match for a team of experienced local landscapers. Give your lawn the care it deserves, and hire us today.

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You may tend to some of your plants as much as you can, but not all of them receive the upkeep they need. In the end, it’s your home’s curb appeal that suffers the most. You may even find yourself being fined for an out-of-control yard. No matter how overgrown, you can rely on our landscapers for affordable solutions. Why struggle with your plants alone? Hire JCM & Sons Excavation and Landscaping now.