the Leading Concrete Patio Contractors in Harrisburg, PA

Concrete Patio Contractors

It takes expert concrete patio contractors to guarantee that yours will last. Choose the best in Harrisburg, PA, at JCM & Sons Excavation and Landscaping.

Concrete Patio Contractors in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Many residents discover that they want more space at their home to enjoy the outdoors. However, without the right concrete patio contractors, you end up spending too much.

Who can you count on for convenient services and affordable pricing? Harrisburg, PA, homeowners prefer our team for all of their poured surfaces.

JCM & Sons Excavation and Landscaping creates custom patios wherever you need them. Whether you have an empty yard or need to expand, you can rely on us.

Hiring us means durable surfaces that offer years of daily use. Contact us now to maximize your exterior areas with local concrete contractors.


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The Best Harrisburg, PA, Patio Contractors

One reason why poured concrete patios are popular is because of their convenience and affordability. No matter their dimensions or use, we can install them all at low costs.
Our experienced contractors ensure that your space is professionally prepared, and we only use quality concrete. You never need to worry about invasive weeds or early failures when you hire us.
Whatever helps make your property feel complete, you can count on our contractors. Hire us today to begin pouring your new patios, as well as:

From sunbathing to BBQ grills, we guarantee the best new patios and reliable maintenance services. Contact our poured concrete experts and have longer-lasting deck spaces.


While some homeowners will attempt to pour their own patios, they often don’t last long. You simply can’t achieve professional results without the right products or know-how.

We handle a variety of different tasks, so we’re well equipped to tackle any job. From excavation to pouring and curing, your patio is in capable hands.

Our team only uses true poured concrete and not cheap cement-only powders. Your surface is created with durable materials that are proven to last.

We can even offer several different finishes to create your perfect patio space. When you’re ready to get more from your property, contact our local contractors.

Homeowners who keep up with all of their suggested maintenance tips can see long-term use. Some poured concrete patios can last as long as several decades with proper care. Unfortunately, the typical person loses track of time, and they don’t address problems quickly. By the time that they do, they discover deep cracks and unusable surfaces. If you aren’t regularly cleaning and repairing your concrete patio, it wears out sooner than later. The best way to keep yours working like new is to hire us. We offer a wide range of affordable repairs, maintenance, and replacement services. From new patios to caring for your old one, we manage it all.

The Best Concrete Patio Contractors Near Me in Harrisburg, PA

When you need a new patio installed, you deserve the best team for your job. Choose JCM & Sons Excavation and Landscaping for new installations and repair services.

Why Install a Poured Concrete Patio in My Yard?

A yard without a patio means having tons of space that isn’t used. Unfortunately, that may also mean that your property values remain lower as well. You can make the most of your property by expanding outdoors with a new patio. Or, if your existing poured patio needs repairs, we can help with that as well. Even though other styles are popular, poured concrete offers a lot of versatility. You can transform an empty yard into a dozen of different ways and styles, such as:
Whatever your finished project will be, we offer affordable poured concrete solutions. Contact us now to begin utilizing your outdoor areas with quality patio spaces.