The Top Concrete Contractors Harrisburg PA Has To Offer

When you need concrete contractors Harrisburg PA, homeowners prefer ours. Choose JCM & Sons Excavation and Landscaping for all of your maintenance needs.

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When it comes to concrete contractors Harrisburg PA, has many choices. However, not all of them offer solutions beyond pouring cement.

You deserve an all-in-one property improvement specialist that can take on any project. From hard surface repairs to weekly landscaping, you can rely on us.

JCM & Sons Excavation and Landscaping provides a wide range of affordable contractor solutions. Whether you have cracked driveways and patios or overgrown shrubs, we manage them all.

We arrive on time and are ready to tackle anything that you need help with. See the difference we can make for your curb appeal and hire us today.


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The Best Concrete Contractors Harrisburg PA

Maintaining your property demands a variety of contractor services, but not everyone offers them all. When you hire us, it means taking care of everything that your home needs. Whether you have yellow grass spots or damaged driveways, we’re here for you. Our experienced service contractors provide a variety of affordable solutions every day. No matter the situation, you can call on us to take care of it. Contact us now for the best in contractor services, such as:
Wherever you see damaged surfaces or sickly plants, choose our local technicians. We have the skills you can trust to take on any job that you have.

Our services

Concrete Contractors for Driveways

The typical poured driveway should last through at least a decade of use. However, when the ground freezes or the summer is sweltering, you will see damages. Your driveway is vulnerable to the elements, as well as hot vehicle wheels. Contact us to keep your surfaces like new with affordable concrete services.

Garage Floors Near Me

You rely on your garage for storage, machinery, and your weekend projects. Eventually, dropping your tools too many times leaves the floor cracked and worn. Your garage floor is part of your foundation slab, so it demands repairs quickly. Take care of your poured surfaces with our local concrete contractors.

Landscaping Services Harrisburg, PA

Do you know what landscaping and concrete repairs have in common? The answer is that you can hire our experts to take on both types of service needs. We know that healthy landscaping also helps to preserve your poured cement surfaces. Take care of all of your outdoor items with our convenient contractors.

Concrete Contractors for Patios

One of the best things about your outdoor patio is the versatility. They can offer a place to swim, cook, or to entertain guests; or even all three. However, when they have deep cracks and bubbled paint, they need our help. Contact us to maintain your favorite patio spaces at affordable costs.

Excavation Contractors in Harrisburg

Not everyone provides excavation services, but we do. We have both the specialty machinery required and the know-how to do it. JCM & Sons Excavation and Landscaping offers superior property management services. Contact us now to address all of your concerns for your property’s outdoor areas.

Why Hire Our Concrete Contractors?

How often does a straightforward job become complicated and requires additional trade services? Plus, every time you have to hire another specialist, your expenses increase. The best way to keep your service costs low is by choosing our team. We offer so many different solutions at affordable pricing that we guarantee the best results. Simple landscaping tasks can be railroaded by soil erosion and unknown utility lines. Whether you need concrete surfaces, excavation work, or weekly lawn care, hire us. There is nothing that we can’t take on while maintaining your property. Contact us now to address all of your outdoor concerns for your home

Excavation, Landscaping, and Concrete Contractors Near Me

Another reason to choose us for your job is our level of convenience. Wherever you have damaged surfaces and plants, we’re here for you. You can find us throughout the city, keeping everyone’s surfaces repaired and renewed. From scheduled care and maintenance to one-time service visits, choose us every time. We guarantee fast, convenient, and affordable solutions wherever you need us most. Contact us now for our reliable repair contractors in the neighborhoods of:
We know that you won’t find a team better suited for your projects than us. See the difference our experienced technicians make for your concrete pads and landscaping needs.


Knowing when to hire excavation contractors is only half the battle. The rest is learning which local service provider keeps your best interests in mind.

As your experienced team of technicians, we always know how to maintain your property the best. Wherever you need us to trench, dig, or remove dirt, we’re here to help.

We only use professional machinery and offer safe and effective contractor services. Contact our company today to see the difference we can make for your projects, such as:  

  • New Construction Sites
  • Outdoor Renovations
  • Yard Additions
  • Home Additions
  • Swimming Pool Installation
  • Yard Drainage
  • Lawn Trenching
  • Sewer Lines
  • Buried Utility Lines
  • Foundation Slabs

Wherever you need to work next, we’re ready to assist in preparing your site. Call now to hire us for all of your outdoor excavation needs.

Every time that you visit your local hardware store, you see bags of powdered cement. You might ask if it’s so readily available, why should you hire our contractors instead?

Chances are, these bagged products aren’t even close to our concrete’s level of quality. While we use “cement” and “concrete” interchangeably, they are different items.

Poured concrete is more durable, thanks to cement binding to rock aggregates. That means that cement alone isn’t enough to protect the surfaces that you use daily.

You certainly can purchase cement for minor repair needs, but you need concrete contractors for bigger projects. Make sure your job is completed right the first time, and hire us today.

We like to say that anything longer than a kitchen countertop needs our help. That is because poured concrete works exceptionally well for broader surfaces.

Not only can we offer a more durable product, but professional installations. We guarantee the best results for any damaged outdoor surface that you find.

When a bag of cement powder isn’t enough, we’re always here for you. Contact our local concrete contractors now for your projects, such as:

  • Surface Cracks
  • Uneven Cement
  • Pooling/Standing Water
  • Discolored Concrete
  • Damaged Interior Subfloors
  • Cracked Garage Floors
  • Raised Sidewalks
  • Installation Problems
  • Driveway Excavation
  • Utility Pads

Wherever you find concrete that is in bad shape, we know what to do. Keep your outdoor surfaces looking like new again, and hire us now.

One of the first questions we hear from homeowners is how long does concrete last? Surprisingly, some systems, depending on many factors, can survive for hundreds of years.

At home, however, that probably isn’t going to be the case. Driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, and patios are heavily used every day.

Combined with their daily exposure to the sun, wind, and rain, and they won’t last. Often, homeowners need our concrete contractors after about a decade.

By then, they have stains set in and cracks that continue to spread. Don’t let your poured concrete surfaces fail, and contact us for affordable repairs.

You may think that owning a lawnmower is all that your plants need. Unfortunately, they need a lot more upkeep than a weekly trim, even with scheduled sprinklers.

That is why you need an experienced team of landscapers tending to everything that your lawn needs. Whether you have tons of weeds, brown spots, or an overgrown yard, we can help.

Our contractors provide a wide range of practical landscaping solutions, all at affordable pricing. Contact us to take care of your outdoor service needs, such as:

  • Soil Erosion
  • Weed Growth
  • Sickly Plants
  • Dead Grass
  • Soil Erosion Concerns
  • Overgrown Bushes
  • Yard Grading
  • Low Curb Appeal
  • Incorrect Watering Schedules
  • Land/Lot Clearing

Wherever you have scraggly limbs, yellowed leaves, and sickly plants, contact us. We’ll arrive quickly with a variety of practical landscaping solutions, all at low costs.

You know that your landscaping could look lusher, but it doesn’t. After you try every product available, you only become more frustrated.

It’s often minor changes to your plants that produce the most benefits. Smaller maintenance items such as mulching, fertilizer, and grass height, can drastically improve your yard.

It’s also good to remember that not every plant will have the same requirements. You may find that some need more sunlight than others or they’re getting too much water, or not enough.

Too often, homeowners concern themselves with their grass alone, leaving everything else overgrown. Take care of your yard care needs with our affordable contractors.